The Personal Cost of Constant Social Media Contact

social-media-confusion-overwhelmThe omnipresence of social media is presenting new existential dilemmas. Courtney E. Martin sees social media as “a tool with which we are compelled to construct a version of ourselves online, hour-by-hour.” Some of us are sending out dozens of micro digital messages – by “liking” and adding short comments, by “signaling” – all day and all night long. But what does all the signaling add up to, she asks.

…This “constant signaling has a price. Our attention is finite. Our energy for action is limited. These tools may lead some to gather and create real relationships or finally compel others to seek out more learning about an issue they’ve never really understood… but life is too short to only exist at the surface level of status updates.”

The personal cost of constant social media contact: Courtney E. Martin: @courtwrites