Staying Focused Throughout The Working Day

You find yourself lost in a repetitive cycle of clicking from web page to web page, checking your e-mail every couple of minutes or passively skimming through a Twitter feed while paying little attention to what you’re reading in it. Mindless media use is a growing problem; Mark Carrigan has some useful reflections:

This is starting to be referred to as “continuous partial attention” and the behavior driving it as “distraction addiction.”
Tension and anxiety are created by “the sheer scale of what we’re missing out on and our growing awareness of all the other things we could and perhaps should be doing.

“The most obvious way to reduce mindless media consumption is simply to recognize that you’re doing it. Putting a name to the experience makes it easy to identify what you’re doing and so help you drag yourself out of an impending technology loop.

The website offers a helpful antidote to the frenzied hyperactivity which characterizes the technology loop.

Other tips: Buy a pay-as-you-go phone for when you really want and/or *need* to get away from the Internet. You’ll have a phone for emergencies and other basic communication.

You can also delete the mail settings on my iPhone when you want to disconnect but nonetheless retain the capacity to consult, for example, Google Maps or the weather report.

Staying focused throughout the working day; continuous partial attention, distraction addiction, Internet detox, media overwhelm, digital detox