Sleep Is The Master Nutrient That Optimize Absorption of Other Nutrients

It’s more important than many people realize. Some professional athletes even like to joke that they are “professional sleepers” – 9 hours at night every night and a 90-minute nap in the afternoon. It’s their job to be in optimal shape and sleep is absolutely key; great sleep can become a competitive advantage.

Sleep is the central governor – the universal organizing requirement of your body and brain.

Sleep is the master nutrient – when we are deficient in sleep, all other nutrients are less effective.

Other zero calorie nutrients:

• Love

• Physical affection (sexual and non sexual)

• Music

• Dance

• Physical exercise

• Friendships

• Empathic attunement with others

When we have all these – or most of them – in sufficient quantities in our lives, it’s remarkable how we tend to eat food that is healthy for us, and not too much, and we eat a lot less unhealthy food, and we consume less alcohol and fewer toxic substances.