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Using the full breadth and depth of your personal knowledge, what three concise tips would you offer to someone wanting to live a highly successful life?

It’s a question that often yields very illuminating and practical answers on Dave Asprey’s Bullet Proof Radio Show.

The little package of advice given by recent guest Daniel Vitalis, a “rewilding” expert, is particularly inspiring and practical.

In its most concise form Daniel suggests that most people need to:
1- Spend more time outdoors
2- Move in more varied and challenging ways
3- Have better sex, more frequently

Believe it or not, the last tip is the one backed by the largest body of recent, highly reputable research. He’s not talking about drunken sex with a random stranger. It’s about cultivating a relationship of trust, romance and joy with a long-term partner.

There are wide variation across cultures, of course, but for several hundreds of thousands of years, human couples have been committed to each other. They mate to produce children and raise them in a secure, stable and durable environment. How best to keep the couple strong? Enjoyable sexual relations produce all kinds of positive hormonal responses, improves each partner’s health (immune system, etc.) and keeps them content with life.

Daniel is clear and compelling on this piece of advice: “It’s time to get masterful at providing women with what they need to reach orgasm… Ladies, it’s time to learn what guys really love… It’s very important to us because if not, we get so frustrated and demented inside. It comes out in so many toxic ways.”

Now back to Daniel’s first recommendation:  Spend more time outdoors. This is so obviously beneficial that many health researchers don’t think it’s worth studying. But if it’s so obvious, why do most people only spend a fraction of the time outside that they possibly could?

Commuters go considerably out of their way – literally – to park their cars as close as possible to their office door. They could easily redesign their travel plans, build in 20 to 30 minutes of walking outside to get some fresh air, but they don’t.

Fitness fanatics go to gyms in basements and take spin cycling classes in closed-door, minimally oxygenated rooms with only a few disco-style lights for illumination. And they pay quite a bit of money for this!

With today’s durable notebook computers and widespread WiFi, it’s possible to work outside in more locations than you’d think. All that’s needed is to develop new habits.

Having recently spent three hours at an outdoor concert being intermittently buffeted by windy rain, I once again learned that humans can be extremely resilient in the natural elements, especially if you have a good range of protective clothing with you.

Tip Three – Daniel puts this very amusingly when he describes how most people use the machines in a gym (said in a computerized voice): “I am a robot; I only move in one plane of movement.”

It’s only been about 100 years that human beings have been able to get away with such an “economy” of effort that life consists of sitting down and getting up from a chair or sofa and putting one foot directly in front of the other to walk 20 or 30 steps to the coffee machine or bathroom. How about imaging that you are a hunter in a hilly forest? That would involve quite a bit of zig-zagging, ducking under trees; a bit of jumping, right?

So getting your exercise outside is ideal. Some creative thought is required, but not much. There are plenty of sources of inspiration available on YouTube. Search for “natural movement” “MovNat” and “kettle bells, outdoors” for example.

Yes – a little extra thought and energy in your daily routines, but I think you’ll be surprised that it all takes relatively little extra *time.* Connected, compassionate sexual relations with your partner? Maybe two times 30 minutes per week. More time outside, perhaps while traveling to and from work? An extra 15 to 20 minutes per day. Working on a notebook PC on your balcony or patio? No extra time needed. More varied and more challenging movement patterns? That requires no extra time either. Just a bit more knowledge, maybe getting some coaching, and letting your playful nature re-emerge, allowing yourself to return to a state of being that’s a bit more wild.

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