Procrastinators Have Difficulties Managing Their Emotions, According to New Research

Procrastinators have a problem with managing emotions rather than time, new research 2- shows. Emotional centers of the brain can overwhelm a person’s ability for self-regulation.

We need to take personality into account when motivating ourselves, according to productivity expert Moyra Scott. “We need to recognize when we are procrastinating and have ‘tricks’ we can employ to get us doing something,” she says.

Her top tips are:

1- If you don’t have an external deadline, use a timer to focus for set periods – for example, 25 minutes at a time with 5-minute breaks and a longer break every 90 minutes.

2- Write a list of tasks but break it down into smaller, more specific ones. This makes them easier to action and complete.

3- Try to minimize interruptions like email notifications. Putting your phone on airplane mode or going somewhere to work where you won’t be disturbed will also help.

4- Being “busy” is easier than doing the thing we are avoiding. Instead of doing the task at hand, we do other stuff instead and kid ourselves that we don’t have the time. You do have the time. You just need to make it.

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