Mindfulness Isn’t About Ignoring Your Thoughts


From “How Mindfulness Can Improve Your Mental Health” in The Huffington Post UK:

…Mindfulness meditation seems to have taken the business world by storm, with so many of us becoming more in tune with the notion of being “present”

It’s one of the oldest forms of meditation and is based on the idea of being consciously aware of yourself and the world around you.

Mindfulness isn’t about ignoring your thoughts but acknowledging and accepting them while focusing on what you are doing in that moment.

The ABCs of mindfulness:

A for awareness

B for “just being”

C for creating that gap between experience and reactions

Five key points about Mindfulness, from Dr. James Arkell:

  • Practicing mindfulness helps you connect to the present, and involves noticing and acknowledging thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations.
  • Mindfulness means being present with oneself, being connected to the present moment and being able to pay attention deliberately and non-judgmentally to where you are right now.
  • We spend so much time thinking about and regretting our past and also worrying about the future and how we are going to cope with life’s pressures and demands; Mindfulness helps us not to do this so much.
  • Mindfulness involves recognizing that your thoughts are mental events, not reality
  • Once you have mastered the basics, you can do it anywhere; on the bus, at your desk, in the park – and it only takes a few minutes of complete focus every day.
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