Jerry Seinfeld: Meditation and the Path to Perfect Sleep

Many have wondered about Jerry Seinfeld and his post-TV series life.

Why doesn’t he make new shows? Why didn’t he form a production company and crank out series for other people? He could be making a fortune…
The short answer is: Because he doesn’t want to. He doesn’t feel a need to. He’s happy with life the way it is. The longer answer is that he has a crystal-clear understanding of what makes him happy and what makes him miserable. Spending lots and lots of time on administration and on convincing other people to do what they are reluctant to do makes him miserable. That’s at least 50% of what film and TV production is about, he says. He likes doing stand-up comedy and currently performs about 75 shows per year.

Where does this clear sense of purpose come from? This ability to cut through noise and distraction and focus on what really matters? Meditation of course. He says it makes stress float away. In a superb podcast interview with the actor-producer Alec Baldwin, Jerry explains that he has been meditating regularly since he was 19 (he’s currently 61). Here’s an edited excerpt from the interview:

Seinfeld: (Meditation) cleared up my acne immediately. I had this great energy and focus, and I’ve been doing it the rest of my life.
Baldwin: How can I do it? Like where do you do it? Can you do it anywhere? Or do you have to be in a sacred space?
Seinfeld: You can do it anywhere. I’m gonna get you doing it now.
Baldwin: I want you to get me doing it. I want more energy, more focus, I want my acne to clear up.
Seinfeld: You can’t even dispose of the energy that you have (now).
Baldwin: It’s true. But it’s toxic energy. It’s more like a Chernobyl than it is a kind of a babbling brook.
Seinfeld: Ok, well this is a different energy, this is a nice energy, really nice. Here’s how I’ll describe it to you. You know how three times a year, you wake up and you go, ‘Boy, that was a really good sleep?’
Baldwin: Yes!
Seinfeld: Imagine feeling like that every day.
Baldwin: Oh my god.
Seinfeld: That’s what it is.
Baldwin: Meditation. I gotta try that.

It’s probably worth noting that Alec a couple of years ago married yoga teacher Hilaria Thomas, and their first child was born last year. Here’s the link to the full interview.