Five Tips for Mindfulness Every Day

Simple Mindfulness practices for every day, edited extracts from Elephant Journal.

Mindfulness_meditation_face1. Know that the red light is not the enemy.
This driving metaphor comes from Thich Nhat Hanh. When you reach a red light, instead of seeing the halt in movement as a hindrance, take it as an opportunity to be still and to breathe. Instead of the anxious energy anticipating arrival at your next destination, thinking about where we will be instead of where we currently are, breathe more deeply into the present moment

2. Notice noise
External sounds are a great way to remind yourself to breathe. Any time you hear a church bell, a phone ringing, a cuckoo clock, or a car honking—take that as a reminder to breathe and reconnect with your body. We are constantly projecting our energy to move outwards, to create, to connect, to give off the frequency we’d like to attract and magnetize back towards us. To be aware of what we are manifesting externally—constantly checking in with ourselves internally is essential.

3. Look people in the eyes
This encourages clarity and truthfulness in speech. Whether you are speaking or listening, looking at people in the eyes will bring more presence into the conversation. It grounds the erratic mind and stabilizes the heart. The human mind is flighty if not trained and controlled properly.

4. Be yourself
When you are trying to be somebody or something that you’re not, there is too much effort, too much exasperated energy, too much unnecessary waste. When you are being completely yourself, your energy is recycled ultimately to share with others.

5. Accept the moment as is
Life is beyond our control—it will play out however it is supposed to play out. Our response, however, is in our control. Knowing that we cannot force or change the vagaries of life will bring more awareness into how we handle each and every situation. Surrender our expectations, assumptions, and projections and to be at peace with how each moment is presented to us.


Mindfulness daily practice tips; accepting the moment as it is