Everyday Gratitude Versus a Once Yearly Festival of Thanksgiving

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It’s possible to convert every day into an occasion for giving thanks. Try it before every dinner, say it out loud, even if you’re alone. It’s more powerful that way. And this isn’t to make you into a more saintly person or somehow benevolently convert the world into a better place.  It’s simply to make you happier.

Research study after research study has demonstrated that people who explicitly express gratitude on a regular basis are significantly more content with their lives than people who don’t.

A quick look at the psycho-social context of early Thanksgivings. Life was quite a bit more precarious in New England in the late 1600s than now. About 40% of children didn’t reach adulthood and even then, average life expectancy was 25 years. Wireless broadband internet coverage was patchy throughout most of the original 13 Colonies 😉

Even if times are toughs for you, what might you be thankful for on a typical November evening at dinnertime?

  • A nice e-mail from a friend
  • A sunny day
  • A day without technology problems
  • A friendly exchange with your mailman
  • A warm house
  • Your favorite TV program
  • Collaborative colleagues
  • A good hair day
  • A helpful insurance broker
  • An invigorating workout

Also, expressing gratitude is a skill. Do it regularly, you’ll get better at it, enjoy it more and it will reverberate positively around other areas of your life.

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