Curing Your Social Media Addiction

Smart-Phone-AddictionJulia Edelstein has written a helpful article. Some highlights:

…Understand that you’re being played by programmers. A heavy social-media habit isn’t entirely your fault. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter — they’ve all been designed to make you repeatedly use them and check back in…When you keep in mind that the technology is designed to hold you hostage, you might be motivated to set time limits. Think of it as buying a snack-size bag of chips instead of the party-size.

Set limits: Vow to stay off social media during meals with others, when you’re in the bathroom or in bed.

Buy an alarm clock: If you use your phone as an alarm, the last and first thing you’ll do each day is stare into that screen.

Sign off for the weekend: A two-day respite isn’t enough to cure you of your habit. You’ll still be anxious when you return to the onslaught of electronic message. But a little time away from the screen reminds you how nice life is sans status updates. Taking a break unlocks creativity. When distractions disappear, ideas come.

…Posting a photo takes you away from the moment. You stop thinking about your personal experience and start contemplating other people’s responses to it.

…When you need to do focused work, block the Internet temporarily using software like Freedom ( or Self Control (

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