Companies Increasingly See Mindfulness As a Powerful Tool

At Bridgewater Associates ($160 billion in assets under management) founder Ray Dalio encourages the practice among his employees. “It’s the greatest gift I could give anyone,” he says, “it brings about equanimity, creativity, and peace.” Dalio also considers meditation to be the “single most important reason” for his own success in building the biggest hedge fund in the world.

At ($8.4 billion in annual revenue) founder Marc Benioff installed meditation rooms all over the company’s new offices.

Peter Cooper, founder of Cooper Investors, relies on meditation practice for his decision-making. “Being an investor requires the distillation of large volumes of information into a few relevant insights,” he says, “Meditation has helped me discard interesting but unnecessary information and focus on the few things that make a difference to long-run investment performance.”

At insurance provider Aetna, a meditation program for employees has been credited with improving productivity by 62 minutes per employee per week, which Aetna values at $3,000 per employee per year.

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