Demystifying Mindfulness: Why So Much Mumbo Jumbo?

Keeping it Simple

It is the goal of this site to help make Mindfulness immediately accessible to everyone. That means keeping the mumbo jumbo to a minimum; ideally pruning it out completely wherever it pops up.
demystifying mindfulness sign
By mumbo jumbo we mean “a belief in practices based on superstition and rituals intending to cause confusion and/or using languages that the speaker does not understand” (from Wikipedia).

And from Wester’s Dictionary: “A complicated often ritualistic observance with elaborate trappings, and a complicated activity or language usually intended to obscure and confuse.”

Eliminating Jargon

In weeding out the mumbo jumbo there is a necessary process of demystification. I recognize that mystification is often a deliberate act by leaders trying to gain followers by dazzling them with their alleged superior knowledge. This is done first and foremost by religious leaders, but there are also numerous example in science, medicine, law and politics. Most of the world’s major religions are punctuated by rituals and words that are impenetrable to outsiders. Only true believers – the fully initiated – appear to comprehend. But how strong is that understanding really?
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