Bullying Collides with the Connection Economy, Creating Collateral Damage

It seems that bullies are increasingly in the news, all the way up to the White House.

Seth Godin makes a compelling case for reigning in bullying behavior in a recent blog entry. Some excerpts:

War-like domination

…The zero-sum game of world domination or even of the gridiron seems to reward the selfish, war-like domination that the bully embraces. But in the connection economy, the world of our future, it’s pretty clear that we’re not playing a zero-sum game, and the hawkish win-at-all-costs behavior of the bully is actually a significant cost, not an asset.

The trust economy

…In an economy based on trust and connection, how does the inevitable fraying that the bully causes lead to a positive outcome for the long haul?”

Topics: Bullying, social connection, empathy, compassion