Building Your Character: The Ultimate Success Tool

“Character, what you are, is ultimately more important than competence, what you can do. Primary greatness is, at is base, a matter of character… It is foundational. All else builds on this cornerstone. Even the very best structure, system, style, and skills can’t compensate completely for deficiencies in character.” – Stephen R. Covey, Primary Greatness

There are 12 areas we can focus on to build our character and unleash primary greatness.

1. Integrity. Our first lever of primary greatness: To actually BE that which we aspire to be rather than merely
appear to be. This is the foundation of success.

2. Contribution. This is all about your legacy. How will you make a positive difference?

3. Priority. That which matters most must never be at the mercy of that which matters least. We must, as Covey taught in
7 Habits put “first things first.”

4. Personal Sacrifice. It’s time to go beyond what’s in it for us and figure out how we can give ourselves in big ways and small.

5. Service. Service again. How will YOU serve?

6. Responsibility. Are you taking responsibility for *everything* in your life? Remember the root of the word = response + ability: Our ability to step in between stimulus and response as
we Choose the optimal response. (Again and again and again…)

7. The Lever of Loyalty. This is the natural fruit of service and putting others first. You are more loyal to them and they are more loyal to you.

8. The Lever of Reciprocity. This is another word for karma—we reap what we sow. Period. What seeds are you sowing?

9. Diversity. Covey liked to say, “If two people have the same opinion, one of them is unnecessary.” The core of synergy exists in differences. Celebrate them.

10. Continuous Learning. We’re either growing or stagnating. We need to commit ourselves to continuous learning and OPTIMIZING!

11. Renewal. The 7th Habit says: We need to sharpen our saw. Even better: Invest in a power saw!

12. Teaching to Learn. The best way to learn? TEACH.

(from Brian Johnson, The Optimizer, 2016)

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