Be Ready to Junk What Isn’t Working

“…In the end we almost all fail, routinely and repeatedly, quietly or conspicuously; and failure, properly handled, is one of the best teachers life can send us: a teacher and friend.

‘If at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again’ was always terrible advice. The dreary adage may have worked for the patient Scottish spider that Robert the Bruce watched attempting its web before his victory at Bannockburn, but we are not spiders. Repeat the old lie if that comforts you, but listen down the centuries for the banging of a million heads against a million brick walls. Trying repeatedly does not usually lead to success.

Failure is telling us something, and you should notice when it gets insistent. If at first, you don’t succeed, give it another try if you like. Give it two more tries if you must. But if you still don’t succeed, get the message. Try something different; somewhere different; someone different.

…a version of Darwin’s theory of evolution can be applied not only across many generations of the same species but to a single individual within that person’s own lifetime. Failure weeds out what doesn’t work to give space, air, and light to what does. Apply that within your own life and you will see the redeeming power of failure, if only an individual will recognize and respond to it with sufficient ruthlessness. Life is short. Be ready to junk what isn’t working.” – Mathew Parris

Hat tip to my most excellent friend and colleague Adie Shariff