A is for Awareness and Other Awesome Words

Structured Mindfulness

A is for Awareness because that’s the key to it all. Only by being aware of where we are, in this present moment, being Mindful, can we focus on what reality actually is and then what the full range of our options are. Skilful action starts with fully immersed awareness.

Coincidentally there are six other words starting with “A” that can guide us in working through a challenge. Let’s call them the Seven Skillful Samurai:

1. Allow

2. Aware

3. Acknowledge

4. Accept

5. Abide

6. Agree

7. Action

Allow – Some time and space to turn down the mental chatter and try to listen internally

Awareness – What is really happening here?

Acknowledge – Define what is happening as valid and important

Accept – It’s like this here right now. I may not like it, but I will deal with it.

Abide – Sit quietly with the issue in as neutral a frame of mind as possible

Agree – Be welcoming of possible approaches and solutions

Action – Choose a skilful path and begin moving

Topic: Mindful awareness