Brain-Boosting Green Leafy Vegetables Made Easy


It bears repeating (again and again), a healthy mind lives inside a healthy brain, which in turn lives inside a healthy body.

Eat your greens – everyone has heard this but most people just don’t eat much, certainly not more than once per day, unless you count the one or two weeks per year in the summer when they are on holiday in a Mediterranean country.

There’s one relatively easy addition to your daily food routine that could have a big boost to your mental and physical health.

Children are always being forced to eat their greens. Ironically it’s much more important for adults – especially middle-agers – to eat these greens because middle-agers need to combat the effects of oxidization – young children don’t!

Fresh greens are super foods. During autumn and winter months they are best eaten “wilted” (i.e. lightly sautéed or steamed) in soups, curries, stews, etc. The absolute easiest way to “prepare” them is to put some soup in a big bowl, sprinkle two or three handfuls of greens onto the soup and heat in a microwave for about 4 minutes.

Shopping list:

Arrurgula (rocket)





Cilantro (coriander)

Watercress (cress)

Swiss chard

A simple recipe:

Combine as many of the above greens (about 3 cups / 3 large handfuls)

Wash/rinse in a colander

Add a carrot and/or a turnip

Add an onion or two – take off the skin and top layer

Place in a medium-sized saucepan

Add three tablespoons of olive oil

Cook on the lowest setting (just above “warm”)

45 to 60 minutes, until everything is soft

Blend in a blender or use a stick blender

Add 2-3 teaspoons of salt

Add 2-3 tablespoons of lemon juice

It’s a super baby food for adults!

For more information on super greens:

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