Time In The Sun Might Be The Ultimate “Bio Hack”

smiling-woman-in-white-hat-in-sun-on-beachAvoiding the sun may give rise to numerous serious diseases. Low sun exposure may be as big a health risk as smoking cigarettes – and the latest research is backing these assertions up, writes Phil Maffetone.

Of course one big caveat – be very careful not to get burned by the sun.

Our sun-phobic society, influenced largely by companies selling products, has resulted in generations of people avoiding the sun, significantly raising the risk of poor health and disease, including skin cancer.

For decades, the benefits of sun exposure have been suppressed by the commercial interests of companies selling creams and lotions, as well as sunglasses. These companies enlist the media to keep promoting their scare tactics.

Instead of hiding inside and slathering gloopy chemicals and “nanotechnology” all over, we should be exposing our bodies – in small doses – without protection like all our ancestors did to improve both health and fitness in our brains and bodies, including protection against diseases. Moderation is the key principle – avoiding overexposure while slowly getting and maintaining a protective, gentle tan.

Time in the sun might be the ultimate “bio hack”