How To Sleep Better By Using An Evening Alarm Clock

woman alarm clockSet your alarm for an hour before you hope to be asleep.

Most people use electronic alarm clocks simply as a method to wake up in the morning. However, there is very little effort focused on the much harder problem of helping people get to sleep on time, John Durant notes. Our biological clock helps us both wake up and go to sleep. Waking up is a lot easier after a good night’s rest.

When the alarm you have set goes off in the evening (for example around 9:15 pm), finish any work on your computer, turn off the TV, switch off and/or turn down any unnecessary lights, and start to mellowing yourself into the night. Reading some non-problematic literature using a low powered headlamp is an option that somewhat replicates reading by candle light in days of yore.

Winding down in the late evening has only been a challenge for human beings for about the past 100 years. Right before Edison introduced the first commercially viable light bulb, the average American was sleeping about 9.5 hours per night. That dropped to approximately 8 hours throughout the 20th century to around 7 hours today. For that, we can partially credit the inventions of the good folks at Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Dell and others.

Source: Brian Johnson